History of guesthouse Mitteregg

Time has gone by so quickly - that's how it all began...

It started with young Helene's desire to become a cook. Without any cooking experience she started to work in a kitchen of a restaurant. Her boss, warm like a mother but nonetheless strict, taught her how to cook and provided the basis for what the guests of Guesthouse Mitteregg appreciate that much.

The boss recognized Helene's skill, showed her some kitchen tricks, If Helene taught the fine art of cooking, she diligently came to masterly honors.

Tasty their food tasted, magic she has every table covered. Their attention to all guests pleased Walter, Bärbel, Jürgen, Karin, Marco u. Günter best and as a guest they came to "Mitteregg" when Helene started the guest house.

The foundation was laid by the father - "our Dadn", because they had received from him "Mitteregg".
As a corner plot Dadn bought it from his brother, on which he built the house in 1951 in the middle.
Dadn gave the name "Mitteregg" to the house, he himself never did live in it.

For "Mitteregg" to see well from anywhere, the name is fitting and beautiful and the family can thus think in dignity of gratitude to their dadn.

In 1973, Helene took over the house from Dadn and Helene and Helmuth's life's work began.

On 10 January 1977 Helene got her concession decree, as it is a copy in this Festschrift. Future-oriented, they set themselves a distant goal, "let's tackle it" - they said - "there is a lot of work".


And now? Since June 2018 we, the family Machater (Melanie, Gregor, Yana and Lennox), can continue this beautiful guest house Mitteregg with a lot of heart and diligence! We hope for many and always satisfied guests and a wonderful time.
Your family Machater